We value creativity & gathering together

We understand there is a creative wellspring in every one of us; when nurtured it guides and supports our emotional and mental wellbeing and offers creative solutions and direction in our life.

Being part of a group can be a valuable experience in a number of different ways that can enhance your wellbeing. We can become isolated by our busy lives and no longer feel a sense of belonging. Whether you are parenting, retired, over worked, lacking a sense of community, value or purpose or just want to have a new experience, it is within a group we often seek it.

Groups can be helpful in a number of ways and we are essentially social mammals who need connection. Creative groups provide a unique way of ‘being’ while in the company of others.  As we engage in your own creative process while in the company of others, it enables our authentic selves to come into community and relationship.  This can be deeply nourishing, settling and satisfying.

The many ways of gathering to facilitate good company, community and connection are on offer here at the Creative C. Whether it is group therapy for personal growth, self-reflection and support, or cooperative learning and engagement to learn a new skill or craft via a workshop, we aim to offer a range of group facilitation experiences to meet your needs and price range.

Open Studio Wednesday evenings @ The Creative C

Requests have been made for a shared art space, particularly since the long months of lockdown.

The Warrandyte Open Studio is an evening where we can share space in a welcoming and supportive community and participate in a activity that generally occurs in isolation. There is an opportunity to work independently or share skills.

Wednesday from 6-9pm, commencing February 2nd, 2022.

$15 per session/ $135 per term NFP – fee is to cover rental costs

Paypal –

Insta – warrandyte_open_studio

Art inspiration – Gatya Kelly

Express Yourself Creative Art Workshops

This workshop gives you a framework through visualisation, reflective prompts and art exercises to tap into your creative flow. This is an opportunity to let loose with paint and go for it as we put self judgments aside. It’s about you expressing your CREATIVE SELF and all that can be felt, learnt and revealed to you from that extraordinary place.

By leaning in and taking the journey towards play and curiosity you can’t go wrong, in fact you’ll discover so much more about yourself.


You dont have to be in any particular mood or head space to come along. I always aim to create a safe space so you can simply show up as you are and allow the creative process to take you on a journey.


& talking about your work is an extension of the creative process. So when I invite people to share, I encourage you to and share in whatever way feels right as we learn so much from each others experiences.

· DIVERSITY and INCLUSION is welcome;

this also extends to age, race, sexual identity, politics and spirituality. This means we let others have their own experience without the need to impose, correct or coach anyone towards your insights or beliefs.


February Saturday 12th

March Saturday 12th

April Saturday 9th

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: $100 All materials inc

Where: Creative C, Warrandyte

No art experience necessary.

Bookings Essential

Limited Numbers

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Feb 12th

Mar 12th

Apr 12th

Storytelling Workshop

Learn traditional storytelling to capture your audience. How do you tell a story when you don’t use a book? This hands on and experiential workshop will teach you the skills of storytelling. You will be told stories in a few different ways so you can see how it is done, practice yourself and increase in confidence. Learn how to use props such as simple toys, puppets, your hands and body. Traditional storytelling captures the imagination, aids concentration, builds connection between the teller and listener, and is fun.

Natasha Hund is the facilitator of the workshop. Natasha is a play specialist and counsellor with trainings in storytelling with Susan Perrow including a week long course at the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, some day workshops, and completed the Storytelling Unit at University of Western Sydney. Natasha is also thrilled to have been one of the story contributors to Susan’s book Therapeutic Storytelling. Natasha has experience in storytelling in early childhood settings and as a storytelling fairy!

Date: Saturday 2nd April
Time: 10am- 1pm 
Where: The Creative Continuum , Suite 2B, 2 Colin Avenue, Warrandyte  (if covidsafe settings change the workshop will switch to zoom)                                                                           
Cost: $60.00 

Please note: Life Spirals is inclusive. This workshop is planned to be in person, however if you cannot attend in person and would prefer a remote zoom workshop please let me know. The Creative Continuum unfortunately does not have wheelchair access, and is on the 2nd floor up some stairs.

for Bookings email: or 

Natasha       0421 418 327


“Listening to everyone tell their stories and watching different ways to tell stories was wonderful.” 
Author wishes to remain anonymous

“It was great. I felt very safe and comfortable in the environment and enjoyed the stories. The resource list was very helpful.” Bernadine Murney

“Everything was enjoyable…perhaps further classes?” Jo-Anne Lamb

“I feel inspired to learn and tell more stories.” Johanna Schjottelvig.

“I learned about using props and involving children, getting them to help with the story.” 
Bev Knight

“I got a lot of skill (and knowledge) about storytelling from this workshop.” Jennie Johan

“It was such a new way of storytelling for me.” Leila Araban

“I liked the small group, props, presenter ideas, resources etc.” Emily Aisbett

“I will recommend this PD.” Nadia Aggoun

“Thank you for your expertise, I hope to implement different types of storytelling into my role.” Maggie Janssen

“I liked the different ways to tell stories.” Kunjan Trivedi