Room Hire

Studio space

The main room is the creative hub and the largest space of 5.5 x 4.6 meters or 9.6x 5.6meters. Download Floor Plan here.

The VIBE is cosy and spacious, walls painted a light sage earthy green, with big fresh plants in the corners, perfect for a range of different group activities, art workshops and small events.

It is open plan with wooden floors and can be divided and set up anyway your workshop or event needs to be using chairs, trestle tables or open space

It also includes access to the kitchenette and store room facilities.  Chairs, tables and materials you can use, drawing boards fixed on one of the walls, air-conditioner, heating and portable sound system. 

Hiring of the rooms are offered in either 3- 4 hour time slots depending on the time of the day and if it is during the week or weekend. 

Please provide us with an Expression of interest, so we can provide you with  the appreciate room hire rates.

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