We value creativity & gathering together

We understand there is a creative wellspring in every one of us; when nurtured it guides and supports our emotional and mental wellbeing and offers creative solutions and direction in our life.

Being part of a group can be a valuable experience in a number of different ways that can enhance your wellbeing. We can become isolated by our busy lives and no longer feel a sense of belonging. Whether you are parenting, retired, over worked, lacking a sense of community, value or purpose or just want to have a new experience, it is within a group we often seek it.

Groups can be helpful in a number of ways and we are essentially social mammals who need connection. Creative groups provide a unique way of ‘being’ while in the company of others.  As we engage in your own creative process while in the company of others, it enables our authentic selves to come into community and relationship.  This can be deeply nourishing, settling and satisfying.

The many ways of gathering to facilitate good company, community and connection are on offer here at the Creative C. Whether it is group therapy for personal growth, self-reflection and support, or cooperative learning and engagement to learn a new skill or craft via a workshop, we aim to offer a range of group facilitation experiences to meet your needs and price range.

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Image to Symbol – Expressive Play

This workshop guides you though the creative process to make an intimate book or set of cards unique and personal to you. It aims to expand your awareness while settling you into a mindful state of being. Based on Jungian psychology and Sena Frost’s Soul Collage, this visual journey will nurture your personal growth, strengthen your intuition and recognise your innate wisdom.

In whatever stage of life you may find your self, collating images into a personal artwork in the company of others is a joyful and rewarding way to nourish and expand your self-understanding for greater acceptance.

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Pandoras Box 1

Pandora’s Box

Free from the constraints of everyday life, this creative journey is all about you. The workshop focuses on tactile experiences and uses words, images, objects and fabrics to transform a 3D box that reflects your authentic self. During this creative process, we learn to slowly de-stress, trust our intuition and develop self-acceptance. We also gain hope, the final wonderful gift in Pandora’s Box.

Drawing for Regulation

Find your way out of stress and feeling overwhelmed by surrendering yourself to the process of Guided Drawing. The use of bilateral movement will support you to move stress and tension in your body and mind, and experience greater presence, stability and space. This is a wonderful method to discover and build your internal resources to experience greater capacity, resilience and empowerment.

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Art as process image

Paint with Passion

This is an energetic guided workshop to inspire your creativity, have fun, and allow your heart to sing. The playful drawing and expressive painting exercises focus on stress and conflict reduction. The workshop assists in overcoming your self-critic by developing the experience of flow. We connect and work together by moving through blocks and finding openings that are available at every layer.

The Nourishment of Clay: The Felt Sense of Contact and Connection

This workshop enables you to develop the felt sense of touch, using your hands to explore the clay. You will be guided through a mindful process that will enable you to connect with the earthen, forgiving and yielding clay. During this creative process you will be guided by the impulses of your hands and the felt sense of touch to allow a 3D object to emerge, or to just feel the nourishing movement of your hands with the clay.

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